Tents of Encounter

The General Council is now focused on the journey towards the General Chapter 2024. All of us are also on a journey from the known land (our provinces) to a new land (new provinces). On this journey, many new things are happening. Often it feels like being on a pilgrimage with God, journeying towards the promised land like Moses in the book of Exodus.

During our recent conversations with many of you, we heard a strong desire to learn more about new things that are happening in other parts of the Society. As a result of hearing this desire, the General Council has developed a plan for a series of global conversations among us which we are calling Tents of Encounter. We are calling them this name, recalling the tent of Moses’ encounter with God when God led the people to the Promised land. The Tents of Encounter suggests a place of, dialogue and reflection, a sacred space where we can listen to one another.

We have planned three Zoom conversations which will take place during March, April and May, 2024. The purpose of these gatherings, Tents of Encounter, is to encourage an inclusive spirit towards the General Chapter, offering a space where we can all connect across the Society.

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